Order Processing System
The Problem

Our customer was a new start-up with a requirement for a traceability and order processing system for the production of glass fibre reinforced concrete. They required full traceability through all stages of the production along with job creation, user account control and reporting in order to gain an ISO9000 qualification and ensure that the business can cope with the growth forecasted.

The Solution

Maxim provided M3 UL10 mobile computers equipped with a barcode scanner, a rack mount server installed with Windows server and SQL server, Zebra ZT Thermal printers and Maxim’s Web based ASP order processing system. The Web based systems is installed locally on the rack mount server and is accessed by any web browser to enable the administrators and basic users to create projects, jobs, users, parts, search outstanding jobs and run traceability and KPI reports. When jobs are created on Maxim web bases ASP system, a unique barcode is automatically printed for each part to be produced which will be affixed to the part at pre-production. Utilising the M3 mobile computers, the barcode is scanned at each production stage, along with a unique barcode assigned to the operator providing traceability throughout the production process. Operating with a no fault forward logic, the part is unable to be processed through any production process if the preceded has not been completed, or the part has previously been scrapped. The mobile devices also have the ability to search parts, and view the history of a specific part once scanned with administrator privileges.