UK 4852-E26

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2901 HIGH VOLTAGE 4490 POSReady Full OS (E2x or E2D) 4492 POSReady MEDIA-LANGUAGE PACKS (Exx or ExD) 4493 POSREADY MEDIA-IBM IMAGE RECOVERY MEDIA(E2x) 7893 Total 1GB DDR2 (533MHz) Total System Memory 9855 POWER CORD, 4.3M4852-E26 1.0GHz/512MB/160GB SATA HDD/15in ResistiveEOL from 05/2014 - Last order 30/06/2014FOR EUROPE PLEASE ADD FRK-AK5018 (ANGLE)Replacement : 4852 570/E70 or the Wave 6140 100/E100.THIS CONFIGURATION IS EQUIVALENT TO ELBRUS AND SHOULD BE USED FOR DEMO
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