Intelligent Solutions for Safer Workplaces

Our new track and trace mobile device systems give you the visibility to keep your workplace operating safely. Monitor proximity encounters, social distancing and more with the latest solutions from the leading manufacturers.

As companies look to re-open their operations or enhance their social distancing protocols, ProGlove has added a new Proximity feature to the ProGlove Connect app for Android that works as a standalone application or in conjunction with MARK hands-free wearable scanners.
ProGlove Connect Proximity is a free application that helps businesses in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and transportation to adhere to social distancing measures and adapt their operations with worker safety top of mind. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy signals on a smartphone or tablet to triangulate the signal strength of nearby devices also running the app to approximate the distance between devices. Getting started with ProGlove Connect Proximity is fast, easy, and free so you can quickly implement enhanced social distancing measures.

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Zebra Technologies are releasing a Proximity Sensing and Contact Tracing solution to assist in getting back to work and to help ensure personnel safety. The Proximity Sensing & Logging component of the solution provides proximity event logging including duration and IDs (or anonymised IDs) of individuals involved.

The system logs a contact event when the average proximity of employees over a period of five (5) cumulative minutes are within a defined distance. The solution provides a suite of reports and dashboards giving the employer visibility to proximity event trends.

The Application aims to give the employer visibility of proximity contact and the insight to act if needed.

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Honeywell understands the challenges T&L companies are facing and has developed solutions to help customers during the current health crisis. Explore our solutions below.

Honeywell solutions can help businesses make informed decisions and automate processes within Distribution Centers (DCs).
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Transport & Logistics (T&L) has witnessed many changes in recent times, largely due to the type of work and diversity within the sector. While the immediate need during this crisis is an operational supply chain, the next focus will be to build a smarter, more flexible, and, especially, more resilient one.
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