Honeywell solutions can help businesses make informed decisions and automate processes within Distribution Centers (DCs).


DCs provide the lifeline to retailers, manufacturers and end-users alike. As demand for essential goods have become critical in these current times, DCs and warehouses are responding on multiple fronts. Amidst the recent lockdown, many DCs have remained open to service the needs and fulfilment of these demands with limited capacity1 . This results in staggering shifts and breaks to balance employee coverage and adapting team meetings to address social distancing guidelines. This could also include a decrease in the size of in-person meetings and training.

Despite these challenges, supply chain leaders are required to abide by social distancing protocols in traditional warehouse workflows such as inventory counting, order picking and cold storage environments. DCs are now implementing new procedures and utilizing technology to help enable employees to remain safe throughout the DC. All DCs will require very specific solutions that address cleaning procedures and device chain of custody to maintain their operations and increase productivity.


Honeywell understands the challenges within DCs and has developed solutions to assist customers during the current health crisis. Our innovative solutions allow for faster, smarter and more effective work to be done throughout the supply chain and specifically within the DC. Offering more than 100 years of industry expertise, Honeywell’s team of innovators help solve business problems and drive breakthrough results through data insights and connected technology.

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