Transport & Logistics (T&L) has witnessed many changes in recent times, largely due to the type of work and diversity within the sector. While the immediate need during this crisis is an operational supply chain, the next focus will be to build a smarter, more flexible, and, especially, more resilient one.1


Despite e-commerce and the associated T&L players being among those least negatively affected by the crisis, T&L operations will be following new business rules when the economy restarts after extended shutdown conditions, according to supply chain experts who are laying plans to balance safety and profitability. A recent paper from Harvard University researchers states that, “prolonged or intermittent social distancing may be necessary into 2022.”2

On the road, supply chain and logistics leaders should implement four technology initiatives to improve the safety of transportation workers during the global health

crisis and beyond, according to market research firm Gartner Inc. Those initiatives should include:

1. USING TELEMATICS AND SAFETY SOLUTIONS in fleets to ensure driver safety and reduce costs

2. EMPLOY VEHICLE ROUTING AND SCHEDULING SOLUTIONS to reroute shipments and redeploy assets in real time

3. IMPLEMENT VIRTUAL PRACTICES to help with social distancing to enable more efficient interactions

4. APPLY TRAILER AND PRODUCT SENSORS to monitor and locate critical items moving through the supply chain

Furthermore, Gartner acknowledges that while safety is especially important now, it should be a key issue for logistics leaders at all times.

All players will require very specific and tailor-made solutions such as cleaning and device chain of custody to maintain their service levels.


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