Special Offers

Maxim Computer Service offers special offers to save you money.

CK75 Discount

RRP: £2330 £999 inc 3yr Warranty.
Two brand new, unboxed CK75 units available - Alphanumeric - 3.5" Colour Touch Display, - 2D EX25 Auto-Focus Near/Far Imager - 5MP Camera - 2 GB RAM / 16 GB Flash.

T5000 Trade-in Scheme

Trade-in your existing T5000 printer when purchasing new a T8000 and receive up to £500 off your new purchase. Discount amounts will vary depending on the model for 4, 6 and 8 inch media. Contact to find out how much discount.

P5000/P7000 Legacy line printer Trade-in scheme.

The next generation line printer, the Printronix P8000 has now launched bringin improved efficiency and better performance to the enterprise workspace.
With out trade in discounts, now has never been a better time to upgrade.
Call us now to discuss our trade in offers against your existing Printronix P5000, P7000 or any other line printers.