Mobile Computing Systems and Apps

Maxim have a range of off the shelf WMS applications designed to add Pick, Putaway, Stock Movement and Stock Inventory functionality to your existing systems. Maxim have extensive experience in integrating and connecting to almost any ERP, MRP,WMS or Database driven system.

Ad-Hoc Service and Support

With no contract in place, Maxim can support you either on site or with our anti-static workshop repair service. This can be the most cost effective service option for low use, low cost devices, contact us to discuss our excellent pricing.

Workshop Support Packages

Maxim offers numerous bespoke packages for the support and service of Mobile PCs, PDTs/PDAs, barcode scanners and printers. Maxim has the technical expertise to update your equipment to the latest specification and repair all types of hardware or software issues. Workshop repairs can be a cost effective alternative to on-site maintenance.

Fixed Response Service Contracts

Maxim offers a choice of four fixed response hardware support contracts. These packages have been developed to coincide with the requirements of most companies. They offer a complete service and support arrangement to provide the most efficient and cost effective service available.

Bespoke Service Contracts

Some customers have specific maintenance requirements and our bespoke service is designed to cater for these individual needs. Maxim will discuss your requirements in detail and then provide a support contract tailored to your specific needs.

WLAN and Wi-Fi Surveys and Installations

Maxim offers new installation and existing Wi-Fi 'backbone' surveys for office/warehouse/manufacturing applications. We will conduct a thorough and professional survey providing optimum coverage from correctly positioned Antennae within your facility. If you are having issues with an existing installation Maxim can help identify the causes of poor reception and provide a solution utilising your existing hardware or supplementing it with the latest additional Wi-Fi equipment.