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Mobile Computer Repairs

We offer mobile computer repairs which cover various types of faults.

At Maxim Computer Services Ltd. We offer a variety of repairs for Thermal and Laser printers,
see a fixed price list below or download the PDF Here

Quick turnaround, usually within 5 days. If you require it sooner please Contact Us

Level A Repairs
Level B Repairs
Level C Repairs
Screen Digitiser Keypad (Unit) *Main Board Repair or Exchange
Scan Lens LCD Display Scan Engine
Keypad Keys Radio Card 2 Level B Repairs
Keypad Overlay Internal Antenna
Trigger Internal Flex Cables *Dependant on model
Battery Cover Keypad PCB
Ext Antenna Casings
Backup Battery 2 Level A Repairs

ESD Safe Workshop

Our workshop is equipped with full anti-static flooring and workbenches to ensure that we do not damage electrical components.

ISO 9001:2015

The workshop is fully ISO 9001 certified meaning we meet the highest requirements in quality control management.