Do you own a T5000 Printer?

If you own a Printronix T5000 Printer, and are looking into upgrading to a T8000, we have the perfect deal for you!

Trade in your T5000 to receive up to £500* off your T8000 printer! 

Upgrade your business potential and efficiency, whilst at the same time helping the environment by reusing and recycling your old parts - all whilst saving yourself some money!

Want a quote, or have any further questions? 

Feel free to contact us via email, telephone or tax. All details can be found on our contact page!  

Case Studies

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    See how we have solved a wide range of automotive problems, including environmental flaws and regulatory issues.

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    Review our actions taken when we had a customer who needed support within the manufacturing industry.

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    Look at the efficient way we provided solutions that were required in the retail environment.

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    Fixed Price Contracts

    See what we can offer you in terms of fixed price repairs and contracts, so you can get the most out of your money and have confidence in Maxim.

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    Legacy System Support

    See how we effectively managed a company within retail, that was using multiple legacy devices within multiple stores across the country.