Zebra OVS

The Operational Visibility Service (OVS) is a cloud-based, integrated management platform delivering business intelligence to improve business outcomes by providing deep operational visibility, actionable insight and significantly improved asset control for our customers and partners. OVS is available as an option for Zebra OneCare Essential and Select customers.

How partners can leverage Zebra’s Visibility Services portfolio for customer success .

Your customers are experiencing challenges in managing their devices; however, they may not necessarily know ‘what’ they need, how to solve for it, or how to articulate this need to you. The Zebra OneCare services portfolio, with options for visibility services, helps you differentiate your offers and help solve your customer’s management and visibility challenges. Together, we can help change the perception of what ‘services’ is - it’s not just break/fix anymore – as your customers demand more than just investment protection. They need more visibility to their devices to help them maximize performance and operational excellence of their mission-critical assets. Without visibility, how do you know when your customer’s device is being fully utilized and is running to operational efficiency (ie. The correct operating systems, fully charged battery, and WLAN or WWAN connectivity), or the best time to contact them to sell more devices, media, batteries, etc to scale services management to differentiate your solutions? If you don’t have that capability, Zebra’s Visibility Services can help you solve that challenge. According to TSIA, “Only 27 of the Original Technology and Service 50 Companies Still Exist” (Source Technology & Services Top 50 Q1 2017, TSIA.COM), which means organizations and partners need to evolve their organizations from what they used to do well to help customers solve device challenges, into what they need to do well to help customers solve their ever-changing device challenges. Most

Leverage Zebra's Visibility Services portfolio to create:

Differentiation & Customer Retention

  • see where devices are and how they’re performing.
  • proactively diffuse a potential issue before it impacts the business.
  • additional touch points regarding health of operations, rather than just a ‘sales call.’
  • expertly help customers through busy seasons, replenish media, replace or move devices around, etc.

Growth & Expansion

  • Zebra Visibility Services were built to augment, complement and expand your offers:
  • Leverage Zebra’s Investment in R&D
  • Platform for future expansion and up-sell
  • White-labeling portal capability for Partners (OVS, OVS Connect)


  • Bundle in your own Service with Zebra Visibility Services
  • Know when your customers require new media or new batteries
  • Expand with a few expert internal resources to view customer visibility on staff