Why pay more? Receive amazing discounts when you upgrade your old printer.

Save money. Boost productivity. Stay competitive.

Is your unsupported printer putting your business at risk? Once a printer is at the end of its serviceable life, increased running problems and lack of spare part availability can become a major issue. If your mission critical unit fails, your business could face costly downtime if necessary repairs cannot be carried out due to unavailable parts.

Protect Your Business

Do your printers have all the functionality and network security you need? Or could they actually be putting your business data at risk?

The way we use printers is changing and older printers simply cant keep up. Data security and compliance have never been more important, and your older network printers may offer an easy "way-in" for hackers.

The Zebra Printer Trade Up offer includes our family of industrial printers for a wide variety of high-to-mid volume industrial applications in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, government, retail and healthcare.

Maxim are offering free installation, free disposal of your old unit AND 20% off of our warranty period support, as well as a fantastic discount on your brand new printer.

Don't let your old printer fleet weigh you down with high running costs, increased downtime and lower output. Upgrade to high performance Zebra units now for an easier, more cost effective printer application.

With the new trade in discounts, you can take advantage of amazingly efficient printers at amazingly low prices!

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